Garage Door Springs

If you need help installing, replacing, maintaining or repairing your garage door springs at home, call on one of our technicians for assistance you can rely on.

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Garage door springs ensure that the significant weight of your door is properly balanced and aligned. This allows your doors to operate with ease despite its bulk. However, above that they are also essential safety components that are responsible for securing the door to its frame so that it can be operated safely by you and your family. So, if you would like to have your springs installed, replaced or repaired by a trusted professional, contact us now for more information.Garage Door Springs

Installing New Garage Door Springs

Typically, springs should be installed in pairs on opposite ends of your door to ensure that each one does its part in balancing and supporting it. However, the task of fitting springs is often a tricky one which could result in injury or further damage to the door if care is not taken. So, speak to us about taking care of installations for you if you want to get the job done right. Additionally, we offer installations for springs that are tougher than the average, providing you with galvanized or oil tempered garage door springs when you require a little more strength. 

Replacing Broken Door Springs

A failed door spring could put your system at risk of failure, and worse, could even render it unsafe to use, since the door might not be properly supported. When your springs have failed on you, it is good practice to have them replaced as soon as possible so as to avoid any unforeseen complications. Speak with one of our technicians today for more information regarding our extension and torsion spring replacement services if yours have failed.

So, Call Us Today For Assistance

Since garage door springs are such a crucial part of your automated doors, keeping them in good condition should be a priority for any homeowner. If you are looking for professional assistance with having them installed properly, replaced when they fail, or repaired and maintained with care and thorough attention to detail, be sure to contact Garage Door Repair Goldenrod and speak with one of our consultants for further information, advice or assistance. 

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