Testing Your Garage Door’s Reverse Function

Testing Your Garage Door’s Reverse Function

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The reverse function of every garage door is an integral part of the system’s safety features. If it is faulty, the operation of the opener could spell disaster if it comes down and causes major damage to property, the system itself and people. Obviously this is not ideal, and if you want to avoid it you need to make sure your sensors and reverse function are working like they should. So here is an easy but effective way you can test out the safety feature of your own system, to make sure you never have to face catastrophe.Testing Your Garage Door’s Reverse Function

The sensors

Testing the door sensors is easy enough if you have them. Firstly you need to locate them. Usually they are placed in line with where the door comes down, mounted on the wall in a place where they can detect obstructions easily. When you walk in between the sensors, you should hear them make a light clicking sound in response to your presence. Another way is to close the door and walk through the sensors to make sure the door stops for you.

Remember that not all garage doors have sensors. Some only rely on the system’s reverse function to detect obstructions and act accordingly.

Testing the Reverse Function

The reverse function on your door is critical to its safe usage because it allows the door to detect if there is anything in the way of its closing which could cause damage to people and property, or suffer damage itself. To test this function, gather up some old bath towels. Roll them up and lay them at the foot of your open garage, making sure that they are thick enough to put pressure on the door when it closes. Once you have laid them down on the area where your entrance will descend, close the garage.

If the function is working perfectly, your door should reverse itself at the first sign of pressure caused by contact with the towels. If the door doesn’t, then the reverse function isn’t working properly, and could be dangerous. If this is the case then it’s time for you to opt for some garage door maintenance. For further advice on how to get started, call Garage Door Repair in Goldenrod for information.

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